The façade of the project is the Rua Santa Marta and the side facade is at Travessa da Loureiro street. We have a 564 sqm plot area and will be having a 3000 sqm Construction Area. The site is within the two blocks and will have a total of 27 units. The project exists around 170 m2 garden in between the two buildings. Since the project area was a primary school 200 years ago, the place we mentioned as the small garden is actually the courtyard of the school and had some changes by the time.
The two buildings we will develop are interconnected by the courtyard and include 5 m level difference between them. When we reach the inside of the pedestrian entrance, the water with the green areas meets us with two different double-height spaces(the private gardens of the reversed duplexes) and connects you with a bridge to the common area of the project. The patio includes common areas, private and common garden, a swimming pool, and social areas (like a minibar).

Year: 2018
Category: Project Management, Renovation
Client: Fuga Properties
Location: Lisboa
Service: Business Development, Project Management